Wasabi Leaf Sauce

Available in MILD 99g, 277g, 518g and SPICY HOT 277g, 518g

We use whole wasabi grown in the unspoiled nature of Yame, in Fukuoka Prefecture, for this product.

Cutting the leaves, stalks and roots of wasabi using a special technique, we have succeeded in preserving the scent and spicy taste for longer than ever (International patent).

This product takes advantage of the natural green color of wasabi leaves, and uses no coloring agents.

You can enjoy the crunchy texture and the fresh taste of wasabi leaves. It is a versatile product that suits not only sashimi and sushi, but also pizza, pasta, and natto. It can be mixed with dressings, too.

Wasabi has a disinfectant effect and it is good for those on a diet.

Ingredients : Hawasabi (sterm・leaf・root), salt, glycine, essence


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