Vegelife Platinum Enzyme Liquid

It is the enzyme drink developed as a premium version of Biteki 90 Sen Vegelife Enzyme Liquid.

The number of ingredients to be fermented has significantly increased from 90 types to 160 types by uniquely blending 2 types of fermented plant extract.

Moreover, we aimed to create a higher quality enzyme drink by adding isomaltooligosaccharides and soluble dietary fiber.

It is the item produced by pursuing the effective nutrient supply and tasty flavor that are important to carry on a meal replacement diet program.

Ingredients : Ingredients: isomaltooligosaccharide, brown sugar, fermented plant extract (including sugar, wild herbs, vegetables, fruits and seaweed), soluble dietary fiber, malic acid, preservative (sodium benzoate), (oranges, cashew nuts, kiwifruit, sesame, soy beans, bananas, yams and apples are contained as a part of ingredients)


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