Vegelife Capsule Gold

Launch of a soft capsule-type enzyme supplement featuring breakthrough ingredients from the Vegelife series.

Each capsule contains the triple action of plant fermented extracts, virgin coconut oil and flaxseed oil Plant fermented extracts condensed with the blessings of nature.

Extra virgin coconut oil highly praised by “Biyotsu” artists Flaxseed oil, which is known as “edible beauty lotion”.

It is a raw supplement that provides beauty just by taking it, thanks to its rich blend of three beauty-enhancing ingredients.

Ingredients :

Cooking oil,Fermented Plant extract (including wild herbs, vegetables, fruits, seaweed and sugar),Coconut oil,Linseed oil/gelatin,Glycerin, Rice bran wax,glycerin-fatty acid ester,caramel color (yams and apples and gelatin are contained as a part of ingredients)


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