UNIMAT Yeast and Enxyme Peptide Supplement 100g

This is powder typed supplement which contains fermented plant extract carefully made by old establishing sake brewer and coenzyme Q10, including 250 mg of yeast peptide in 3g.

Main raw materials are low moleculared yeast peptide decomposing yeast which is used in making bread or sake Yeast peptide includes 250 mg (included in 3 g of adequate intake a day) of yeast peptide DNF – 10 which is developed in Korea.

This product will support you lose weight without restricting your meal unreasonably.

This product is suitable for those who are on diet, maintain weight and who overeat.

Ingredients : Per adequate intake a day (3 g) Energy 11.25 kcal Vitamin B1 1.0㎎ Protein 0.17 g Vitamin B2 1.1㎎ Fats 0.02 g Vitamin B6 1.0㎎ Carbohydrate 2.59 g Yeast peptide 250㎎ Sodium 0.75 mg Coenzyme Q10 3㎎ Citric acid 450㎎


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