UNIMAT Fruit Smoothie

【Acai Beauty Smoothie】 “Acai beauty Smoothie” is called Power food in another name. It contains a lot of dietary fiber, such as Soy Pulp (Okara), kiwi of enzyme, and blended of 9 types of green and yellow vegetables.

【Blue Berry Yogrut Smoothie】 “Blue Berry Yogrut Smoothie” containing 15 types of polyphenols, 9 type of green and yellow vegetables, lactic acid bacteria, dietary fiber-rich bean curd, kiwi of enzyme.

【Apple Ginger Smoothie】 “Apple Ginger Smoothie” contains nutrients such as dietary fiber, which has been eaten for health and beauty since ancient times. The product is water-soluble dietary fiber, apple ceramide, is a smoothie for women that aims to clean that was taking advantage of the mouthfeel grated plus a good ginger and cinnamon apple and compatibility.

【Melon Placenta Smoothie】 “Melon Placenta Smoothie” was extracted from placenta of melon, has been called the “plant placenta”. In melon Placenta, kiwi enzyme, apple fiber, lactic acid bacteria, 9 kinds of green and yellow vegetables green juice, blended with bean curd, is a smoothie for women, which aims for beauty. Since it is a powder type, cumbersome juicer, is not required, just melt in such cold water and milk, will create an easy smoothie.

【Banana Smoothie】 “Banana Smoothie “use soy milk to make to squeeze the soy called the meat of the field, contains nutrients such as isoflavones. Blended with scarce iron, beauty for women. This product, mainly soy milk and bananas, flour, black sesame, psyllium that satisfaction persists, blended with scarce iron, is glad smoothie to women. This smoothie also can be enjoyed both ice and hot.


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