UNIMAT Enzyme Jelly (Acai & Mango flavor) 10g X 7 sticks

This product is stick jelly which has Acai & Mango taste. It contains placenta extract for 25200mg in one box in addition to fermented plant extract which is made from 212 kinds of fermented plant, and coenzyme Q10.

Coenzyme “Coenzyme Q10”

Coenzyme Q10 has an effect on producing energy and activating cells. It Is said that after around 20 years old, the density of coenzyme Q10 gradually decrease, and after 40 years old, ir decrease dramatically. If the density of coenzyme Q10 is low, your body become difficult to produce energy and it will be difficult for you to gain slim body. Lets supply coenzyme Q10 and make your body slim!

Port placenta extract

Placenta extract is placenta extract of mammals. This product contains pork placenta extract. Placenta extract contains amino acid, and has an effect on promoting motabolism and function of cells. It also promotes discharging body wastes, and your diet effect will be clear. We prefer this as diet support.

Ingredients : Reduced sugar syrup, condensed grape juice, konjak, syrup with rare sugar component acai powder, konjak powder, fermented plant extract (dextrine, black sugar, fruit / vegetable (orange, pineapple, banana, apple, papaya, guava, carrot, kiwi fruit, others) herb extract (pfaffia, rosemary, catawba, purple ipe, Macfadyena unguis – cati, others), grain (unmilled rice, kidney bean, corn, Oats, barley, green pea, cashew nuts, black sesame, millet, soy bean, rye, others), seaweed (wakame, kelp, seaweed), honey) fermented plant extract, (maltodextrin, fermented plant extract (black sugar, cabbage, strawberry, apple, radish, others )), fermented plant extract (dextrin, beet sugar, black sugar, sheet sugar, mugwort, chameleon plant, aloe arborescens, asian ginseng, soy bean, banana, yam, apple, others), coenzyme Q10, fermented plant extract powder(fermneted plant extract powder,dexitrin, cooking oil) trehalose, acidifier, essence, gelling agent(acesulfame potassium sucralose), (include wheat, orange, kiwi fruit, soy bean, banana, yam, apple cashew nut, sesami, peach in some raw materials)


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