UNIMAT Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie (50g, 70g, 200g)

“Blue Berry Yogrut Smoothie” containing 15 types of polyphenols, 9 type of green and yellow vegetables, lactic acid bacteria, dietary fiber-rich bean curd, kiwi of enzyme.

Ingredients : Dried tofu refuse, powder juice (dextrin, blueberry), mix vegetable powder (green barley, kale, dextrin, broccoli, spinach, celery, parsley, cabbage, perilla, mugwort), seaweed extract, fish collagen, apple fiber, plant oil, elephant roots extract, fermented milk artefact, kiwi fruit extract, citric acid powder (dextrin, sterilized lactobacillus), sorbitol, citric acid, polysaccharide thickener (xanthan gum, guar gum), essence, egg – shell unbaked calcium, calcium phosphate, extract of skin of the grapes, sweetener (aspartame, L – phenyl alanine compound), emulsifier, (includes milk, soybean in some raw materials)


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