Shiny Silica (200mL)

Silicon dioxide, also known as silica, is a mineral naturally present in the body in skin, hair, and nails. It is necessary for the body’s collagen production. An adult uses 10-40 milligrams of silica per day, and as the amount of silica lost is thought to increase with age, the older you get, the more important it is to replenish it. Silica deficiency produces various symptoms, including easily broken nails, hair breakage and split ends, and sagging skin.

For this reason, with age, it becomes increasingly important to continually ensure that you are getting enough silica.

Recently, many Hollywood celebrities have started drinking mineral water containing silica, drawing increasing attention to the mineral.


Concentrated plant based silica solution


Rice hull ash silica


1.This “beautifying mineral” has been drawing attention for its anti-aging properties

2.Guaranteed concentration of 10,000 ppm, higher than that of our competitors’ products

3.100% pure plant based silica solution, extracted from organic rice

*This product is not sourced from another company; we manufacture it ourselves.

Shiny Silica is a 100% pure plant based silica solution. Simply by adding it to a drink, you can replenish the silica inyour body, which naturally decreases with age. While many other silica products are made from mined silicon, thesilicon in Shiny Silica comes from plant sources. It also has a concentration of 10,000 ppm, which is higher than that of similar products. Because it doesn’t expire for five years after opening, inventory risk is low.


Produced in a factory whose hygiene management practices comply with ISO standard 9001:2008. Silica has been recognized as a substance determined not to pose adverse health effects by the Food Sanitation Act established by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


Well known in the beauty industry, many beauty conscious women between the ages of 30 and 59 swear by silica.We recommend consuming silica gradually throughout the day. It can be added to drinks or food.Because silica doesn’t have any negative interactions, you can add it to your diet easily. We’ve received many glowing reports from customers about its positive effects on their skin, hair, and nails.


Avoid high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight, and store in a cool place when possible.


Energy: 3 kcal Protein: 0 g Fat: 0 g Carbohydrate: 0.8 g Salt equivalent amount: 2.67 g


Take 5-10 mL daily. Mix with a drink. We recommend splitting this amount up into three servings taken throughout the day.


– Because this product is made from natural ingredients, deposits and solids may form in the liquid or around the mouth of the bottle. This is not a quality issue.

– Do not drink undiluted.

– Shake before use.

– Those currently undergoing medical treatment and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should consult a doctor before use.

– While it is very rare, some people may experience an adverse reaction to this product. If this happens, please cease use.

– After opening, replace the lid securely and store in a cool, dark place. Consume soon after opening.

– Keep out of reach of infants and children.


5 Years from Date of Manufacture


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