UNIMAT Enzyme Supplement (Acai & Mango flavor) 15.5g(250 ㎎ × 62 particles)

This product is natural type supplement which has acai – like taste. It contains vegetable placenta in addition to fermented plant extract which is made from 212 kinds of fermented plant, yeast peptide and coenzyme Q10.

It is targeted for consumers who are interested in diet, and those who want to intake enzyme and vegetable nutrients.

Acai flavor contains plant placenta (melon placenta).

Mango flavor contains mango ginger

Ingredients : Energy 1.86 kcal Yeast peptide 150㎎ Protein 0.09 g Coenzyme Q10 1㎎ Fats 0.02 g Mango ginger extract Carbohydrate 0.37 g 20㎎ Sodium 0.19 mg


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