Dressing (Sesame, Yuzu, Pepper, Plum & Perilla) 150ml

Golden Sesame with Soymilk Dressing : uses the rare and wonderful golden sesame and rich soy milk to make a mild tasting dressing that is very healthy.

Black Sesame with Soymilk Dressing : a full-bodied and fragrant dressing made with carefully selected roasted black sesame andnutritio us soy milk. ⇒ goes well with bread, sesame tofu, cold tofu, cold meat,vegetable sticks etc

Fat-Free Yuzu & Pepper dressing :  yuzu is a citrus fruit known for its health and beauty properties. Mixed with pepper, this is a slightly spicy dressing, but being non-oil makes it low calorie, and so very suitable for those on a diet or conscious of their health. With the yuzu and pepper, it makes a very good dressing for raw fish (sashimi) or meat dishes. ⇒ goes well with cold noodles, pasta, tofu dishes, cold meat, pickles etc

Fat-Free Plum & Perilla dressing :  a healthy non-oil dressing with a slightly tart flavour. Japanese plum is well known for its healthful properties, and we have used plenty in making this dressing. This dressing goes well with Japanese cooking or tofu dishes. ⇒ adds extra flavor to cold noodles, pasta, tofu dishes, cold meat, pickles, boiled rice with green tea and pickled Japanese plum


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