UNIMAT Acai Beauty Smoothie (50g, 70g, 200g)

Acai is Palmae plant native to Brasil. It is also called Power Fruit. This Beauty Smoothie is for ladies who want to be lovely. It is mixture of kiwi enzyme, apple fiber nine kinds of vegetable juice, and tofu refuse. You can easily make smoothie by mixing this product into cold water or milk. You don’t need a mixer because it is powder type. You can bring this with you when you go out. It is divided by 10g.

It contains a lot of dietary fiber, such as Soy Pulp (Okara), kiwi of enzyme, and blended of 9 types of green and yellow vegetables.

Ingredients : Dried tofu refuse, maltodextrin, acai, vegetable powder ( green barley, kale, dextrin, broccoli, spinach celery, parsley, cabbage, perilla, mugwort), fish collagen, seaweed extract, apple fiber, plant oil, elephant roots extract, kiwi extract powder, sorbitol, citric acid, extract of skin of the grapes, polysaccharide thickener (xanthan gum, gum guaiac), essence, egg-shell unbaked calcium, sweetener ( aspartame, L – phenyl 、 alanine compound), emulsifier, ( includes gelatine, milk, soy in some raw materials)


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