Biteki 90 Sen Vegelife Enzyme Tablet

“Vegelife Enzyme Liquid,” whose total number of sales exceeded 1 million bottles since the launch in 2012, has secured more users.

Many users actually experience the effects of the calorie reduction by meal replacement diet programs; however, we also received many comments from some users that “the product is not easy to carry around” or “they want it in an easy-to-take form.”

Given such comments from users, we developed easy-to-take “Vegelife Enzyme Tablets,” which users only need to take 4 tablets daily.

It is a supplement containing fermented plant extract produced by maturing and fermenting 90 types of natural ingredients for three and a half years.

It is a high-function supplement that can be widely recommended to those who are on a diet by replacing a meal with Vegelife Enzyme Liquid as a dietary supplement, as well as those who feel nutritional imbalance in their daily diet.

Ingredients : Fermented plant extract (including wild herbs, vegetables, fruits, seaweed and sugar), lactobacillus sporogenes, powdered ginger, salacia reticulata extract, coleus forskohlii extract, powdered gymnema, citrus aurantium extract, L-Carnitine Fumarate, alpha lipoic acid, white kidney bean, Jerusalem artichoke, green coffee bean extract, cellulose, sucrose ester (yams and apples are contained as a part of ingredients)


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